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Providence Civic Center Providence, RI


I saw the Aerosmith concert (Of the three I saw as a teen, this would be the one Scott wanted to see most), Why I didn't take photos or save my stub, I'll never know. I had such a fantastic time too; but think I was too stoned anyway...



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July 5th, 2009

Verizon Wireless Pavilion, Virginia Beach, VA


We attended this July 25th, 2009.


This was a last minute idea when they offered 10.00 grass passes.  I am not a "grass pass" kind of girl; well back in the day... lol but for concerts, I'd rather be up close and not have to sit where they puke, smoke, it rains etc.  But for 10.00 and Aerosmith, it's worth a go!


No photos yet; will update later.


Left to Right:  1) Nothing as we never got to see the concert and they did not reschedule. They refunded us but I am not too happy! There goes our last chance more than likely to see them.




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