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August 1997

The Vietnam Memorial Wall & Monument Washington DC


The Vietnam Wall was built to honor those fallen during the Vietnam War.  The simplicity of the wall and the enormity of it really captures the sadness of those lost and the enormity of the war itself.  There are thousands (close to 59 thousand I believe) of names on the wall.  Often, people lay flowers and flags at the foot of the wall.  Across from the wall is a statue that is reflected in the wall certain times of the day.  An awesome sight.  The monument is free to all and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Left to Right: 1) The Vietnam Wall 1997 2) 2007 Wall from Korean War Monument 3)  2007 Vietnam Memorial Statue 4) 2007 Wall at a closer view 5) 2007 even closer view of some of the names 6)

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