Union Station

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September 12th, 2004

 Union Station Washington DC


Union Station is the place where transportation intersects; from the metros, trains, trolley tour mobiles, and taxis, you can get around to anywhere from here. It's more than that though. Inside is a myriad of shopping places (some very upscale), places to eat  (best I've seen as far as four courts go).  and architecture that is gorgeous.  Offices inside as well as rental car service, lockers, banks, shoe shine, shoe repair, photo developing, optical shop, postal services, liquor sales, phone services, and more.  There are restrooms available, handicapped services, and it's free.  Occasionally, book signings happen at the Barnes and Noble there, and galleries may exhibit a few things there.


Left to right: . First photo is the outside view of the station. The center two photos are two shots of the inside. The last photo is Jeremy and Scott outside near the front fountain. Taken September 11th, 2004  The Union Station is a train station with a very large interior.

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