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September 29th, 2008

Ulysses S Grant Memorial Washington, DC


 The Ulysses S Grant Memorial is reachable from the National Mall, in front of the US Capitol.  As you cross the mall towards the capitol, you'll encounter a reflecting pool and  what appears to be random statues.  From the air, the monument would be easily identified as grouped together and after careful examination, you realize they are all related. In the center, is an equestrian Statue of Ulysses S Grant, surrounded by four lions.   which is in the center of the monument.  Flanking Grant's left side, is the Calvary charge grouping statue, which depicts Grant leading Union soldiers into battle.  Flanking Grant's right side is the "Artillery group" depicting soldiers with cannons in the midst of battle.  Close examination shows the horror on their faces and the sadness of war.

Grant's monument faces west of the Lincoln Memorial, to honor the President during the time of the Civil War.  The Grant statue is the second largest equestrian statue in the US and third largest in the world. It was started in 1902 and was sculpted by Henry Merwin Shrady and also designed by William Pearce Casey (architect). Shrady worked on it for 20 years and died two weeks before it's dedication.

     The base is made of marble and it's 252 feet long and 71 feet wide. Grant and  his horse Cincinnati, is on a marble 22 1/2" high pedestal. The four lions are said to be guarding the US and Army flags.  Shrady, the sculptor, put his own self in as one of the caisson in the Artillery sculpture.  He can be seen falling, about to be trampled by a horse.

 The memorial was dedicated on the 100th anniversary of Grant's birth, April 27, 1922.



Above: Four photos "Ulysses S Grant" statue


Above: Four photos of the "Artillery Group", Union soldiers with cannons.


Above: Four photos of the "Calvary Charge" where Union soldiers led by Ulysses S Grant charge the Confederate Calvary.


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