US Capitol

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August 1997 and 2005 and September 2008

US Capitol Washington DC


The Nation's Capitol building is where a lot of politicking and decisions of the country are made. It is where some heads of state, including former President Ronald Reagan are laid for viewing when they pass away. It's a beautiful building, inside and out.  Inside you will find statuary, mosaics, paintings, stained glass, gorgeous ceilings, marble floors, and offices (most of which you cannot go inside).  There is a gift shop inside, restrooms and water fountains. I did not see any food places inside.  Admission free, but you must get tickets early and there are limited tours now.  You must be searched with a metal detector as well.



Left to right: The first photo show a front view of the Capitol. The 2nd photo was taken in in September 2005; and show an armed guard which has been the case since 9-11.   The 3rd photo shows a view from the parking lot, a fourth photo shows one of the ceilings (a Stained Glass beautiful window).  Photo #5 shows my eldest son looking at one of the paintings; the bottom two photos show another view of the Capitol and a view from the Capitol (one of the sides; shows Washington Monument and my kids).



Above: Protesters outside the Capitol last couple days of September 2008.  They were protesting the "bail out" package; the 700 billion dollar Wall Street/Banking bill.  Congress had not had this much pressure since the depression.  Signs said...

 "Wall Street Made their Own Bets, Wall Street can pay their Own Debts"

"Bailout is Fascism"

"Senators McCain and Obama, Will you Address Wall Street Fraud and Corruption?"

"Bankrupt 300 points and all I got was this Lousy Food and Energy Inflation"

"The Losses were Private; Why are the Losses going Public?"
"We are Fed Up with Bailouts"

"Wake up America; Fed Up USA; You are Being Lied To!"

"Where is the Discount Window for Taxpayers?"

"No Random Money for Wall Street"

and a couple more I couldn't read...



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