National Postal Museum,

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September 11th, 2004

 National Postal Museum Washington DC


This event is ticket-less; the museum is located west side of the Union Station. The cost is free and I thought "how interesting could this be or how long could it take?"  We were pleasantly surprised; it had transportation, stores, an interactive station where you could see how mail travels and even send yourself a letter.  There was a room that just housed thousands of stamps, past and present, from around the world as well. There is a gift shop and you can mail mail from there, but I didn't see any food or drinks available inside.  I didn't see a restroom, but I am sure there was one.



Left to right:  Two photos of the building, bi-plane, Stagecoach, Jeremy and Scott watching a film about train wrecks or robberies and Owney, the mascot of the US Postal service.  He was a dog who was adopted by the service after he used to hop from mail train to mail train and follow the bags of mail wherever they went.

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