Lion Statues at National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

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June 13th, 2009

   Lions at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Washington, DC


      This is a free attraction located at E Street, between 4th & 5th Streets, NW at Judiciary Square just outside the metro.

     Sculpted Lions are by Raymond Kaskey (1943- ?) and the Cubs are by George Carr ( ).  Davis Buckley is the architect. The Lions stand at the entrance and exit of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. It was dedicated in 1991.  The Lions and cubs are sculpted in Bronze.  The Lions measure 70 x 35 x 118" and the cubs are about 25 x 37 x64".  The Lions are an allegory meaning quality and fortitude.

     Two sculptures each depicting a female lion protecting her cubs are perched on the memorial's wall, one on each side of the entrance. On the opposite wall are two sculptures each depicting a male lion watching the female and cubs. The memorial's walls are inscribed with the more than 13,500 officers who have been killed in the line of duty since 1794. The lions represent the strength, courage, and valor of law enforcement officers and they symbolize the protective role of law officers. The memorial itself covers three acres. New names are added each year in May during National Police week.

      On the West wall, in front of left lion the inscription reads: "THE WICKED FLEE WHEN NO MAN PURSUETH BUT THE RIGHTEOUS ARE BOLD AS A LION" proverbs 28:1 and then on the West wall, in front of the right lion the inscription reads: "IT IS NOT HOW THESE OFFICERS DIED THAT MADE THEM HEROES IT IS HOW THEY LIVED VIVIAN ENEY SURVIVOR".  On the East wall, in front of the right lion the inscription reads: "CARVED ON THESE WALLS IS THE STORY OF AMERICA  A CONTINUING QUEST TO PRESERVE BOTH DEMOCRACY AND DECENCY AND TO PROTECT A NATIONAL TREASURE THAT WE CALL THE AMERICAN DREAM President George Bush" and finally on the West wall, front of the left lion the inscription reads:" IN VALOR THERE IS HOPE TACITUS".


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