Francis Asbury Statue

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June 13th, 2009

   Francis Asbury Statue Washington, DC


      This is a free attraction located at 16th Street & Mt Pleasant Street; NW near Meridian Hill Park.

     Augustus Lukeman (1871-1935) was the sculptor and Evarts Tracy (1868-1929) was the Architect of this sculpture. It was sculpted in 1921 but dedicated in 1924. It is made of bronze with a granite base.  It measures 100 x 60 x132" and the base measures 100 x 140 x 200. On the left side near the base it reads: "Augustus Lukeman Sc 1921" and on the front of the base it reads: "FRANCIS ASBURY 1745-1816 PIONEER METHODIST BISHOP IN AMERICA".  The left base reads: "HIS CONTINUOUS JOURNEY THROUGH CITIES/VILLAGES AND SETTLEMENTS FROM 1771 TO 1816/GREATLY PROMOTED PATRIOTISM EDUCATION MORALITY/AND RELIGION IN THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC Act of Congress" and the base on the right side says: "F YOU SEEK FOR THE RESULTS OF HIS LABOR/YOU WILL FIND THEM/IN OUR CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION".  He is depicted on his horse, holding a bible in his right hand.  The sculpture rests on an oval granite base.

     Francis Asbury (1745-1810), originally from England, was sent to America as an assistant to John Wesley in 1771. After the Revolutionary War and when the Methodist Church broke from the Anglican Church, Asbury became the first superintendent of the Methodist church in America. Later his title was changed to bishop. In 1784, John Wesley named Asbury and Thomas Coke as co-superintendents of the work in America. This marks the beginning of the "Methodist Episcopal Church of the USA". For the next thirty-two years, Asbury led all the Methodists in America. He was responsible for organizing all of the counties in America into church districts with an academy located in each one. He then became a circuit rider traveling from church to church delivering his sermons.

    Bishop Asbury died in Spotsylvania, Virginia in 1810.


Above: Statue of Francis Asbury


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Francis Asbury

Augustus Lukeman

Statuary in Washington DC

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