Boundary Markers: URN Sculptures of Nat' Building Museum

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June 13th, 2009

  Boundary Markers: Urn Sculptures Washington, DC


      This is a free attraction located at the Judiciary Square area at National Building Museum; Intersects F, G, 4th & 5th Sts NW (because there are four of them).  

     Each sculpture is the same and represents the building arts.  It's an 8' plumb bob (tool) supported by 6 figures and rests on an 8' circular column.  The form suggests a large urn but is actually made up of tools; the figures are like caryatids and form three groups of two and form a "tripod".  The inscription at the top of the base reads "National Building Museum" and is anchored by knotted ropes.  The sculpture is made of glass fiber reinforced concrete and the base is brick.  The figures were based on actual construction workers that were shown in old construction photos a the Library of Congress.

   These were sculpted by Raymond Kaskey, famed for his work throughout DC and the country.


Above: Statue of the Boundary Markers at the National Building Museum


Raymond Kaskey

National Building Museum

Statuary in Washington DC

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