Smithsonian Castle

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September 12th, 2004

 Smithsonian Castle Washington DC


The West wing houses some interesting artifacts from ancient sculpture, pieces of the Hindenburg, fine art sculptures, pop culture items and more.  Another room houses antiques, but this building is there really for information purposes and offices.  It's free and open to the public; at least on the main floor.

Left to Right: First thee photos depict sides of the Smithsonian Castle. Third photo shows Jeremy in the it's me taking a photo of Jeremy taking a photo; 4th and 5th photos show the West Wing;  The 6th photo shows an example of some sculptures on loan; you might recognize the middle one right away as being sculpted by Max Ernst, another view (taken at National Bookfest in Sept 2005) shows the grandness of the Castle. Finally, an example of some of the current history on exhibit; the top item is that of Chuck Yeager's helmet which I believe is the helmet worn while breaking the sound barrier. 

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