Ronald Regan/International Trade Building

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September 29th, 2008

Ronald Regan/International Trade Building  Washington, DC


The Ronald Regan Building or International Trade Center is both a Government and a Private use building (for the public who can book meeting spaces, trade shows, conferences, weddings, concerts etc). The Pennsylvania Avenue site is the Trade section.  The US Border Protection Agency resides here as well. The building is located in what they call the Federal Triangle. In earlier times, the place was known to be a place of crime and brothels. This building was built in 1996 and used to be a parking lot before.

     It was designed by James Ingo Freed and Ellerbe Becket. The Oscar Strauss Memorial resides in front of it. The building cost 768 million to build and was the most expensive building at the time; and it was names after Ronald Regan, but it was a bit controversial because he was for less government and this building was seen as a lot of waste of taxpayers money.


   This is a free attraction.  Inside are some food areas and some social seating areas (and some artwork to see) so people go inside for that... and it's free.  Some areas are not open to the public, so just ask if you want to visit, where you are allowed to go.  


Above: The Ronald Regan Building (one photo; probably needed's massive)


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