Robert Emmet Statue

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February 10th, 2008

Robert Emmet Statue Washington, DC


      The Robert Emmet statue was sculpted by Jerome Stanley Connor and is located in the small Emmet Park, near Massachusetts Avenue and 24th Street, in Sheridan Circle.  The inscription on the base of the statue says "Robert Emmet, Irish Patriot, 1778-1803".  The Bronze plaque on the pedestal is inscribed with excerpts from the speech Emmet delivered the day before his execution.  The speech was delivered from the docks and it was his last speech before he led an Irish uprising on July 23, 1803, in Dublin, which was quickly crushed by British troops." Emmet was executed that same year and accounts differ as to whether he was hung or beheaded. The inscription from his speech reads: "I wished to procure for my country the guarantee which Washington procured for America. I have parted from everything that was dear to me in this life for my country's cause. When my country takes her place among the nations of the earth, then, and not till then let my epitaph be written."

      Emmet has been dubbed, "The boy martyr of Erin" because of his courageous fight for Irish Independence.

      The statue and park are free.  You will see the Winfield Scott statue as well and several other notable buildings and embassies in this area. I suggest you enjoy a walking tour, walking a few blocks in all directions.  Bring good walking shoes, water, a camera and some cash if you plan to stop in across the street at some of the shops.  Parking is VERY difficult here.  there are one way streets, traffic circles and it's crowded and congested. It's best to park off on a side street where parking would be free, but is really reserved for residents.  If you park in a metered space, know the best time to be there is on the weekends, when parking is free.  I personally suggest going to see these statues and monuments VERY early in the morning (as early as you can stand).  This way, you will be able to get unobstructed photos, find parking and enjoy the quiet.  It won't last long though...



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