The Pentagon

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No Pamphlet or Ticket


2001-2006 Various Dates

The Pentagon Washington DC


 It's a massive building, the size of a small city! We've been through the parking lot numerous times but never have gone in. I don't know that they do tours on weekends and mostly that's when we go.  Click HERE to see the Arial view of the Pentagon. All branches of the service work here and I've a friend who worked in there and a couple people we worked with worked there as well.  If we go back, we'll try to get all sides. Tours are free; very strict screening process to get in; there are food places, restrooms, water fountains inside. Parking is free and on the grounds, but there are thousands in the building, so you may have to walk very far to get in the building.



Left to Right: Photos of the Pentagon, taken from across the parking lot.  The first three photos represent two sides of the Pentagon. The fourth is taken from the Highway. Far Right:  We noted the crash side (From September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks) while driving on the highway.  We couldn't stop, so I took a moving photo.  It's construction is nearly completed from the outsides,  with the exception of a few pieces of equipment still there.

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