Oscar Strauss Memorial

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September 29th, 2008

Oscar Strauss Memorial  Washington, DC


     The bronze statues depicted in the photos below are part of a group... which includes In the center of the memorial, a massive fountain with the inscription "statesman, author, diplomat".  The fountain is flanked by two bronze sculptures: one of "Justice," which celebrates the right to worship. The inscription beneath it reads: "Our right to worship in not a concession or a privilege but an inherent right." The other sculpture is "Reason," which celebrates capitalism and labor efforts. The inscription beneath it reads, ""The Voice of Reason Is More To Be Regarded Than The Light Of Any Present Inclination."

    The fountain was designed by a German-American artist named Adolph Alexander Weinman. It was unveiled in 1947.  It's located in the Federal Triangle on 14th Street between Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues, NW. It's in front of the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.

    The memorial is a tribute to Oscar Strauss, a diplomat and Secretary of Commerce and Labor. He was the first Jewish person to serve in the cabinet. He served under Theodore Roosevelt from 1901-1909.


Above: Left: Statue of "Justice" and Right: Statue of "Reason"


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