Naval Peace Monument

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September 29th, 2008

Naval Peace Statue  Washington, DC


     The  Naval Peace Monument, sculpted  in Carrara marble by Franklin Simmons, is also known as the Civil War Sailors Monument or just "Peace Monument".  It is located on the Peace Circle (a traffic Circle) at the foot of the Capitol (near the Ulysses S Grant Monument and the James A Garfield Statue, on 1st Street NW and Pennsylvania Avenue.  It is 44 feet high and made of white marble.

      It was unveiled in 1878 to commemorate naval deaths at sea during the Civil War. The base is made of Maine blue granite.  

     At the top of the monument are two classically robed female figures. They represent Grief and History. History holds a tablet that is inscribed: "They died that their country might live." Below them lies a life-sized classical female figure who represents Victory. Below her are the infant Mars, the god of war, and the infant Neptune, god of the sea. Facing the Capitol is another classical figure: Peace. There is a fountain below. Its inscription reads: "In memory of the officers, seamen and marines of the United States Navy who fell in defense of the Union and liberty of their country, 1861-1865."

    This is a free attraction.


Above: The Peace Traffic Circle with the Naval Peace Monument


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