US Naval Memorial

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September 30th, 2007

US Naval Memorial, Washington, DC


The Navy Memorial includes both a commemorative public plaza and a Naval Heritage Center.  The plaza is a round ceremonial amphitheater paved in granite to form a 100-foot diameter of the world.  Surrounding the deck of the plaza are fountains, pools, flagpole masts, and sculptural panels depicting historic achievements of the sea services.  A symbolic statue of a Lone Sailor stands watch near the edge of the plaza.

Conveniently located on Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. (between 7th and 9th Streets), the United States Navy Memorial honors the men and women of the United States Navy – past, present and future.  The outdoor Plaza features a “Granite Sea” map of the world, towering masts with signal flags, fountain pools and waterfalls and The Lone Sailor© statue. You can also visit he Naval Heritage Center is located in the heart of the Penn Quarter and offers visitors the chance to learn about the history and heritage of the men and women of the United States Navy – past, present and future.  Just off the Memorial plaza.  The center and the plaza are free and open to the public all year long.

Left to Right: 1) Naval Memorial. I had to splice this together to make one photo, so it may be off a bit, but you will at least get the idea of what the entire thing looks like.

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