National Museum of Natural History

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August 26th, 1997

National Museum of Natural History Washington, DC


The Natural History Museum is part of the Smithsonian.  The museum is located at: 10th Street and Constitution Ave., NW.  The museum is open daily except December 25th.  Hours are  10:00 AM - 5:30 PM Friday, May 26 (start of Memorial Day weekend) t- Sunday, September 3, the museum will be open until 7:30 PM every evening.  The Museum closes at 5:30 PM on the following dates (due to special events) June 13, 14, 18,19, 21, 24 and July 8, 14 and 30th.  Admission is free.  Donations accepted.  You might find at the museum anything to do with nature; for example, explorations, animals, plants, weather, people of the world, Dinosaur remains, rocks and minerals (even the infamous Hope Diamond).  It's a nice looking museum and well worth seeing.


No Photos from 1997; see below for 2006


National Museum of Natural History

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September 29th, 2006

National Museum of Natural History Washington, DC


We attended the morning of the National Bookfest biding time before getting in line.  The museum I can offer more about now as it's fresh in my mind.  It's a GORGEOUS place. If you are into animals or Taxidermy, they have the largest collection of stuffed species I've ever seen in one place.  If you are into rocks and minerals, I don't think anything but maybe toxic or atomic minerals are left out.  I have never before seen so many pristine examples of gems and minerals in one place.  There is a vast collection of meteorites etc as well (and some moon rocks).  In addition, the biggest crowd-pleaser must be the dinosaur exhibit.  There are so many species here too and the quality is amazing!  I did not see a Velocer Raptor, but maybe I missed it, but every dinosaur (plus many I did not know about) are in this place... it was VERY impressive.  The jewel collection, including the infamous Hope Diamond is beautiful.  Jewelry from Royalty and famous people are on exhibit.  I would recommend this museum as tops on my list for anyone to visit if going to DC.  The Air and Space Museum and the American History Museum coming a close second and third as well as the National Gallery.  I would recommend this first because it appeals to almost everyone. Price is free.  No parking available.  You will have to metro or taxi or trolley in unless you get there at least by 8 am in the morning on weekends or 7 on weekdays as metered parking is hard to find.  Be prepared to walk and stand long periods of time; the museum and trolley stops etc are not right up to the place I don't think... so wear good walking shoes.  Prices for the food and souvenirs are a bit pricy.  Whatever you see in amusement parks etc (like Disney) will be about what you find here.  It's how they help supplement income I guess.  See official sites for days and hours of operation.  Handicapped accessible as all Government buildings are.


Left to right: Moose or something like that 2) Dimetrodon grandis 3) Monkey and Human remains 4) Diplodocus longus 5) Easter Island Statue


1) Glyptodont 2) Elephant in the Lobby 3) Scott with prehistoric shark Jaws (big eh?) 4) The front of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum 5) Pterosaur (Pterodactyl?)


Left to Right: 1) Stegosaurus 2) Saber-Toothed Tiger 3) Prehistoric Squirrel! 4) Sea Cow 5) Stuffed Brown Bear


Left to Right: 1) Tyrannosaurus Rex 2) Triceratops 3) T-Rex again 4) Wooly Mammoth 5) 2007 Saber tooth Tiger



Left to Right: 1) 2007 Egyptian Writing on piece of Mummy case 2) 2007 Greek Pottery 3) 2007 Stuffed Leopard and deer 4) 2007 Stuffed Wallaby



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