National Geographic Museum

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January 8th, 2005

National Geographic Museum Washington DC


The was ticket-less. This is a small place, with one floor and a small garden area.  We went January 8th, 2005 and the exhibit was: Passages: Photographs in Africa by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher.  The photographs were phenomenal. The exhibits seem to change monthly.  Exhibits usually are photographs (or GIANT photographic displays) and some artifacts from private collections.  Depending on how in depth a visitor you are, the entire exhibit can take from 10 minutes to an hour.  If you want to read EVERYTHING and learn all you can, no more than an hour is needed.  There is a gift shop, but no dining facilities are in the building that I saw.  There is a restroom and a small garden area out back.  Admission is free, with a freestanding donation box located in the front for contributions.  Most of the museums in DC are free, but they need donations for upkeep and some of the exhibits.


 Left to right: Photo outside the front of the building (the bull and Scott) and a photo from the "photo booth" where you can get a photo of yourself on a National Geographic cover.  NOTE:  I have severely doctored this photo in Photoshop and the original photo just has the background, us and the words National Geographic only on it in white and the white lettering here is even doctored so you can see it better).  All additional text was added by myself and some of the pyramid was doctored as well.  You can choose one of several backgrounds for your "cover".  Cost is $5 and you'll get a cheap 3x5 printer quality paper image.


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