National Botanical Gardens

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No ticket of pamphlet as this time


September 11th, 2004 and September 29th, 2008

 National Botanical Gardens Washington DC


This event was ticket-less.  We were searched. I didn't take photos in any of the offshoot areas, but they have a jungle area, desert area, meditation area and a couple other sections.  This was our first visit here; it was under renovation when we visited a couple years ago.. This building is located near the Capitol.  Just walk across the street. Entrance is free. Although nice, I've seen some just as nice.  Maybe I missed some of it or it's not finished; seemed a bit small.


Left to Right: The entrance of the Gardens (Jeremy at left), Outside of the building (that's me), Sue inside the main area and the last photo water area in the main area. 


September 2008 Photos: Temporary Exhibit: "One Planet Ours!"; the exhibit was from May 24 October 13, 2008.  There were 40 Cool Globes that had been designed by kids from  schoolchildren from Sidwell Friends School and artists with Earth Day Network.   The display was to make awareness of the Energy projects we need or should consider to save the Earth.


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