National Gallery OF ART

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August 3rd, 2002

National Gallery of Art Washington DC


This is a ticket-less event. We went to Washington several times, but each time we go, we do something else. This time, it was to visit the National Gallery of Art and Jeremy's apartment for his school.The National Gallery was featuring a Cairo Museum exhibit from different periods, but of specific note were 115 magnificent objects and a life-sized reconstruction of the burial chamber of the New Kingdom pharaoh Thutmose III (1490-1436 B.C.) My favorite was a giant painted head, complete with beard of Thutmose. We didn't have time to see much of the gallery because of time constraints.  I've been there before and will go again.  We did get to see several Picasso's, a Warhol, some painting by Modigliani and others... I love art! Alas, no cameras are allowed in the museum and they check your bags.... There is a place to eat, restrooms, water fountains and entry is free.



Left to right: Olmec Colossal Head No. 4;  next, Info about the Head; On every side of the building outside there is some sort of sculpture and third photo shows a glass pyramid sculpture, one of the sculptures in the sculpture gardens (A Giant Spider) and finally the National Art Gallery and it's buildings.


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