National American History Museum

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September 11th, 2004

National American History Museum Washington DC


The museum houses all sort of things; while we were there, there was a photo exhibit of the Beatles, there was a clock/time area, science area, WWII and war area, presidential and first lady area, and so much stuff it's hard to mention it all.  Admission free, one of the best things about DC is most of the museums and attractions are free.

Left to Right: Alan Shepard's flight suit, Audie Murphy's Jacket & memorabilia, Bill Pullman's suit from "Independence Day", "Harrison Ford's suit from "Air Force One", Harrison Ford's Hat from "Indiana Jones" w/ Leonard Nimoy's Phaser from "Star Trek", the last two photos are Indy's Hat again and finally, Dorothy's Ruby Slippers from the "Wizard of Oz"


Left to Right:  Roslyn Carter and Betty Ford's Inauguration Dresses, Barbara Bush and ? Inauguration Dresses, Diamonds, George Washington's Clothing, Flag that flew over the Pentagon during 09-11, A stuffed Buffalo/Bison, Dinosaur Skeleton, Pop Culture Memorabilia (see that Ninja Turtle?), A Stagecoach and lastly, a group of motorcycles from the transportation area.

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