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August 29th, 2003

Mount Vernon Mount Vernon, VA

George Washington's home, Mount Vernon is located just outside of Washington DC.  Before entering the estate, there is a building that houses a gift shop, bathrooms, a sit down restaurant and a small food court with a couple fast food places inside.  There is NO eating, drinking or bathrooms on the estate.  You are not even allowed gum; no food or smoking is allowed on the grounds period.  You can take bottled water on the premises, but are not allowed to drink it in the main house.   We were not allowed to take photos inside of the main house. Audio Tours and guidebooks are available. Free tours through the mansion every 20 minutes or so.  Tips:  Bring Bottled water, money for drinks and snacks and wear good walking shoes.  The estate is very large and there's a lot of walking! Parking is free across the street in a lot that is free.  Donations are accepted in the small museum in a small collection box.   A little about the main house inside:  The inside of the house consists primarily of:  one large Dining room where George learned he was the first president and a smaller dining room where he and Martha could eat more privately.  Also, a study with a closet and the rest of the house was just one hall and a number of bedrooms (only a couple with closets and sparsely furnished).  About 30% of the furnishings are original to the house.  although most of the storage areas and bedrooms do not have original furnishings, they are period furnishings that are close to the original if not dead on originals.  Same with tools and vehicles on the grounds.  Most of the wood, cobblestone and brick are original.  The third floor was mostly storage rooms.  One for china and three for furniture.  I guess the neatest rooms are the study and larger dining area which have more actual artifacts than any other part of the house and George and Martha's bedroom and the actual bed on the actual original floor and in the original house on the exact spot of land where George died.  You literally can stand on the exact floor where Washington gave his TWO MINUTE acceptance speech for the presidency and you can actually look in the exact spot where he passes away.  Pretty neat to see history that is this precise. It's a myth that George did NOT throw a dollar across the Potomac (no one could!) and  George did NOT chop down the Cherry tree, George did not wear wooden teeth either!  The site is electrified out of necessity, but is kept so in as least obtrusive as possible.  So you must eat/drink/use the restrooms  before or after your visit. While most things in the capitol are free, this is owned an operated by a ladies Auxiliary who needs the funds to maintain the estate. We did not see the Gristmill or take the Ferry ride (there is a small fee for a 30 minute ferry ride on the Potomac) because we did not have time and we were just too hot.  Admission" Mount Vernon is run 365 days a year! Hours: April through August from 8 AM-5 PM; March, September, October 9 AM-5 PM; November through February 9 AM-4 PM. Mount Vernon is run privately, so there are fees; Mount Vernon accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express  at the Main Gate, Shops, and The Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant. Credit cards are not accepted at the Food Court Pavilion. Address: South End, George Washington Parkway, Mount Vernon, VA Admission Tickets to Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens: Adults - $13. Senior Citizens, age 62+ (with ID) - $12. Kids aged 6-11 (with adult) - $6. Kids aged 5 and less (with adult) FREE Annual Pass (unlimited daytime admission for 1 year) - $18 Add Youth to Annual Pass, each - $9 Tickets to Gristmill Open April - October When purchased with Estate admission: Adults - $2 with Estate's admission Youth ages 6-11 - $1.50 with Estate's admission Children ages 5 and less - FREE When purchased alone: Adults and Seniors - $4 Youth ages 6 through 11 - $2. Children ages 5 and less - FREE Sightseeing Cruises on the Potomac River Available Tuesday through Sunday at 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 2:00 and 3:00, May - August and weekends in April and September. Adults and Seniors tickets - $9 Youth tickets ages 6-11 - $5 Kids tickets ages 5 and less - FREE

1) 16-sided barn 2) Clerks Quarters 3) Horses 4) The Old Tomb (where Washington and family WAS buried till 1831 when moved to the New Tomb 5) Dung Repository 


1) Kitchen 2) Kitchen 3) Backside of mansion where tourists enter 4) Front of mansion 5) Paint cellar


1) View of the Potomac River from Back Porch 2) Powell Coach 3) Riding Chair 4) Salthouse 5) Sheep


1) Sheep Pen 2) Shoemaker Shop 3) Smokehouse 4) Stable 5) Stove Room


1) Turkeys 2) Washroom 3) Unknown Room (probably Slave dining or another kitchen 4) Storage Room 


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