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September 29th, 2008 and June 13th, 2009

Unclassified things in DC  Washington, DC


This will be a page for unique or unclassified photos of people, animals or other things when we go to DC.  For now, it just contains one photo of a black squirrel.  These are everywhere.  I saw a regular brown squirrel and a black on next to each other.  You usually don't see two different breeds comingling but it was pretty neat.  There's a story behind these squirrels and a debate over whether they are actually black squirrels or a genetic variation of the grey squirrel. Supposedly, during the time of Teddy Roosevelt, someone let loose 18 Canadian Black Squirrels in the National Zoo, but they spread all over DC.  This is not a natural place for black squirrels to be, but we saw a few of them, as well as brown and grey ones, which is really quite uncommon, if not rare.  Read the Black Squirrel Story here:  Washington Post.com


Above: A Black Squirrel and a view from our hotel room at the Hyatt in Arlington


Black Squirrel on Wikipedia

Hyatt Hotel, Arlington, VA

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