John F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

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January 8th, 2005

John F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts  Washington DC

Tidbits about the center:  There are 6 theatres/halls (three are depicted above).  There is another hall... the Hall of the States and like the Hall of Nations, the hall of states has flags of all 50 states in order of their entrance into the union as well as a flag of DC.  There is a "Presidential box" for each of the theatres and each box has an adjoining small reception room.  No other box seats have this.  Inside the center, there are gifts from all the Nations that the US has diplomatic relations with, including tapestries, statues, chandeliers, marble, glass and other works.  Admission and tours are FREE. Many events/plays and such are free. Ticket prices for the various shows vary, but are very reasonably priced, with half the proceeds paying for the production costs.  The other half of the productions and bldg maintenance relies upon the generosity of corporate sponsors, private citizens and visitor donations.  There are two gift shops (each does carry different merchandise, so you'll want to visit both).  There are two restaurants.  A casual cafeteria style place and a more sit down restaurant.  Prices are moderate for the area.  There is a VERY comprehensive service for the handicapped.  Anything you need can be had at the Visitors area.  Tours take about an hour and is a walking tour led by a live guide (no headphones).  Parking is where they get you!  Beware... it's $15 to park.   Each election year, an inauguration ball  is held here and each year they have the "Kennedy Center Honors," and a New Years Eve Gala ball.


Left to right: The John F Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts front of bldg,  2) Postcard image of the Concert Hall, 3) Postcard image of the Eisenhower Theatre, 4) Postcard image of the Opera House, 5) Brochure image of the Hall of Nations and 6) Brochure photo of the Grand Foyer.

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