James A Garfield Statue

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September 29th, 2008

James A Garfield Statue Washington, DC


The bronze statue depicts James A Garfield (1831-1881), who was the 20th President of the USA.  It's located on the traffic circle at the foot of Capitol Hill, at First Street, S.W., and Maryland Avenue.  Unveiled on May 12, 1887, it was sculpted by John Quincy Adams Ward.  The base was sculpted by Richard Morris Hunt and it was casted by the Henry-Bonnard Company. 

     The monument stands tribute to the President who was elected in 1880 and assassinated after only 4 months in office (he died two months after being shot, making his total time in office to a little over 6 months), by a man who sought a federal office position (Charles J Guiteau).  The granite pedestal has four life-sized allegorical figures that represent different times in Garfield's career.   One holds sheets of paper as if giving a speech; another is of a student, which shows his work as a teacher.  The bearded warrior figure represents his Saxon ancestry as well as his military career during the Civil War.  The last figure is an older statesman, and holds a tablet that says "Law - Justice - Prosperity".   The base of the Statue simply reads "James A Garfield 1851-1881".

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Above: Statue of  James A Garfield


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