George B McClellan Statue

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September 29th, 2008

George B McClellan Statue Washington, DC


     The bronze statue of George B McClellan (1826-1885) is located in Dupont Circle (traffic circle) at Florida Avenue and Connecticut Avenue NW and California Avenue.  It was unveiled in 1907 and sculpted by Frederick MacMonnies and stands on a 12 foot limestone base but the statue itself is only slightly larger than life-sized.

     McClellan served in the Mexican War. At the beginning of the Civil War he was commissioned to Major General of the Union forces in Ohio, but lost the First Battle of Bull Run. In 1861 he replaced Winfield Scott as general in Chief of the Army.  He created the Army of the Potomac (largest union army of the Civil War), but he was thought of as a poor field commander. in 1862, he was relived of his command for failing to destroy Robert E Lee's retreating army at Antietam.

     In 1864, he became the Democratic Party nominee for President, but lost to Abraham Lincoln.  he served as Governor of New Jersey from 1878-1881.


Above: Statue of  George B McClellan


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