Peirce Mill

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June 13th, 2009

Peirce Mill, Washington, DC


The US Department of the Interior is located: at the corner of Tilden Street (same as Park Road), NW and Beach Drive Washington, DC 20250.


     Pierce Barn is  open noon to 5:00 PM on the weekends only. It's free. It has a restroom but there is no eating/drinking.  You'll be headed to the park as the mill is small and will take you only a few minutes to see so wear good walking shoes and keep water nearby.  Dress accordingly as DC can get very cold and very hot. You might picnic in the park. Perhaps you might donate to the preservation trust, so if you'd like bring a dollar or two for that. I don't think there is any gift shops or food in the immediate area; you'll have to go down into the city a bit.

     The mill is a water powered grist mill in Rock Creek Park. There were at least eight mills along Rock Creek within what is now Washington D.C. Of those eight, only Peirce Mill is still standing.  It was built in the 1820s by Isaac Peirce along with a house, barn, and other buildings. It was later owned by a son, Joshua Peirce, and a nephew Peirce Shoemaker. It became part of Rock Creek Park when the park was created in the 1890s.

The family consistently spelled their name "Peirce" (except for some of Isaac Peirce ancestors who went by Pearce). Others often use "Pierce" but not the family. Evidence includes family gravestones, family bible and estate book from Joshua Peirce, and living descendants who still use the old spelling.


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