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June 13th, 2009

Department of the Interior, Washington, DC


     The US Department of the Interior is located at: 1849 C Street, NW Washington, DC 20250.   The Department of the Interior is The US Federal Executive Dept of the government.  It's responsible for the management and conservation of federal land and programs relating to Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and insular areas of the US. It was created in 1849.

     As of mid-2004, the Department managed 507 million acres of surface land, or about one-fifth of the land in the United States. It manages 476 dams and 348 reservoirs through the Bureau of Reclamation, 388 national parks, monuments, seashore sites, etc. through the National Park Service, and 544 national wildlife refuges through the Fish and Wildlife Service. Energy projects on federally managed lands and offshore areas supply about 28 percent of the nation's energy production. Departments include:

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Bureau of Land Management

Bureau of Reclamation

Federal Executive Boards

Minerals Management Service

National Park Service

Office of Insular Affairs

Office of Surface Mining

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

United States Geological Survey  


     There is a museum inside the Department of the Interior and it's free but you will need to show a photo ID to get in and they probably will put you through a metal detector and search you.  Monday through Friday: 8:30am to 4:30pm, except for Federal holidays.
     Saturday: Third Saturday of the month. 1:00pm to 4:00 pm  Parking is available on the street (metered parking).  It's free on weekends but you will need to keep checking the meter and putting more in occasionally.  Hopefully you won't have to park far away.  I suggest parking in an all day garage and metroing everywhere.  It's expensive (25.00 sometimes for the all day parking and the metro is about a dollar or or two in and out one time).. However, it'll save you worry of finding a spot, fighting traffic, the risk of getting in an accident and a lot of time as traffic is heavy. 


There is a gift shop and restrooms/water fountains. I do not know if there is a place to eat; there might not be, or it may be for employees only... so bank on eating before or after.  No food or drink is allowed in the museum. You'll be walking a lot so wear good shoes.


Other than the museum, I don't know if you can just go in this building if you don't work there.  They might let you into the lobby.  What's notable about many of the government buildings in Washington  DC is that many of them have beautiful architecture inside or artwork.


     Left to Right: 1) Department of the Interior Building



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