Buffalo Statues

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February 10th, 2008

Buffalo Statues Washington, DC


      The Buffalo Statues (4) which guard the Dumbarton Bridge were sculpted by Alexander Phimister Proctor in 1914 and are located in Dupont Circle, between 34th Street and Q Street.

       The Dumbarton Bridge is also known as "Buffalo Bridge"  or "Bison Bridge" because of the sculptures.  The Bridge itself, stretches across Rock Creek Park into Georgetown, are  is decorated with busts of Native Americans, the work of architect Glenn Brown, who, along with his son Bedford, designed the bridge in 1914. The best way to see the busts is to walk the footpath along Rock Creek.  We did not do that this trip however.  Maybe next time.

      The statues are free to the public but you must cross a busy area, so park down one of the side streets nearby and walk.  Take good walking shoes, water and a camera to catch not only the views of the statues, but of the bridge and the views from the bridge.


Above: Statue of Winfield Scott


Alexander Phimister Proctor Museum

Statuary in Washington DC

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