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December 3rd, 2000

Arlington National Cemetery Arlington, VA


Arlington National Cemetery covers more than 612 Acres. Almost a quarter million servicemen/women & their families buried there. The US took over 200 acres of Robert E. Lee's property (large structure with flag in photo) in 1864 to help with the overflow of Civil War dead and that was the beginnings of the National Cemetery. John F. & Jackie Kennedy & two of their children are buried here (go towards Robert E Lee's home; it's the circle area at the top towards the house). The eternal flame is there too. Robert Kennedy also interned in the cemetery, but in a separate site. Other notables include John "Chappie" James (1st black 4-star general), Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (Supreme Court Justice), Richard E. Byrd (Explorer), Joe Louis (boxer), Lee Marvin (Actor), Warren Burger, Thurgood Marshall, Pappy Boyington, James Doolittle, General 'Hap' Arnold, Generals McArthur and Admiral Halsey, William Howard Taft (US President)  and Audie Murphy (this is just a regular grave & though they map it, you could miss it if you are looking for something large or grand. It's an ordinary marker), and many more notables.  You will also see, the mast of the USS Maine, Memorial of the Space Shuttle Challenger, Iran Hostage Memorial, Pan Am Flight 103 memorial, an Iwo Jima Memorial and many more memorials. Most impressive is the tomb of the unknown soldier guarded at all times. You may also see a couple statues, a cannon and other such things.  A section of the cemetery is devoted to women who served.  The place is so large it's unimaginable and there is no way to see it all in a day....or even a week! Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. October through March.  8 a.m. to 7 p.m. April through September. Free admission.  Small museum and gift shop available. Recommended: COMFORTABLE SHOES! There are water fountains and restrooms in the small museum, but there are no facilities to eat/drink that I saw.


Left to Right: 1) Path to the Space Shuttle Challenger and Iran Hostage Memorials 2) Generic view of gravesites 3) Many Gravesites and the Mast of the USS Maine, 4) More graves 5) Amphitheatre



Left to Right: 1) John F Kennedy's (and Jackie and children) gravesite and the Eternal Flame 2) Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 3) Robert F Kennedy's gravesite 4)Tomb of the Unknown Soldier again and 5) Arial view of the Cemetery (some of it)

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