Andrew Jackson Statue

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September 29th, 2008

Andrew Jackson Statue Washington, DC


The bronze statue depicts Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) on his horse during the battle of New Orleans. It was made in 1853 by sculptor Clark Mills, less than a mile from it's current location.  It was the first equestrian statue in the USA.  Currently, it's located in  the center of Lafayette Park on Pennsylvania Avenue and 16th street. The park is located across the lawn from the White House.  There are four cannons surrounding the monument are actually four rare Spanish cannons he captures in Pensacola, FL.

   Jackson serve in the House of Representatives and as a US Senator for a term before becoming the 7th President of the USA. He was the first President to be elected from outside the 13 original colonies; and his supporters followed him into the White House literally and trashed the White House... they had to be lured outside by staff with a barrel of Whiskey!  Jackson was the only president ever to kill another man in a duel, which was in defense of his wife, who'd been smeared during a campaign run (while he ran for a senate seat) as an adulterer. Apparently, she'd been married before and filed for a divorce which she thought was finalized but hadn't been. So she'd been "married" to Jackson illegally and that was a scandal at the time. They later remarried when the divorce was indeed finalized.  Sadly, although she saw him elected, she died before moving into the White House.

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Above: Statue of  Andrew Jackson


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