National air force memorial

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No Pamphlet or Ticket


March 31st, 2007

National Air Force Memorial Washington DC


The National Air Force Memorial.  The monument is free and open to the public.  There are no tickets or brochures available.  It's a large monument but is not widespread, so there's not much walking needed.  This is located slightly off the beaten path.  Most of the monuments are within blocks from the National Mall or Whitehouse.  This is in Arlington, towards the highway... From DC, Take I-395 South toward Virginia. Merge onto I-395 S toward Richmond and stay on it for 2 miles. Take the Washington Blvd / VA-27 W Exit (8A) toward Ridge Rd. Take the Columbia Pike / VA-244 ramp toward Bailey’s Cross Roads. Turn slight right onto VA-244 / Columbia Pike. The Memorial will be visible on Columbia Pike on your left at One Air Force Memorial Drive in Arlington.  the surroundings aren't as nice as some of the other monuments, so don't be taken aback.  The quote from General "Billy" Mitchell is one of a few quotes around the memorial, including those from Ronald Reagan, General Hap Arnold and a couple others.


Left to Right:  The front Wall of the Memorial 2) one quote from  Billy Mitchell which says "The future of our nation is forever bound up in the development of Air Power", 3) a view of a very small section of Arlington Cemetery 4) One of the Walls which says "Integrity, Service and Elegance"


Left to right: The middle of the memorial, inside the center of the star, which lies in the middle of the spires.  It's just the name and dedication date of the memorial, October 2006.  2) Contemplation Wall..."Missing Man formation" is what is on the glass panel in front of it. 3) View of the Pentagon, Washington Monument and Arlington Cemetery (also the capitol if you look far up) from the Memorial.  4) The Air Force Star, which I believe lights up at night.  For those that don't know, the Star is on the Air Force Uniform patches of the enlisted.


Left to right: The Air Force and US Flag.  Not sure what the other is.  2) Guard post of some source 2) a Guard Post we don't know what it's for.  Possibly the Airport.  It's across the street near the parking lot for the Memorial.  3) Looking up at two of the spires 3) The spires.


Left to right:  The Whole monument from across the street 2) Honor Guard Statues 3) A view of the patch of Arlington Cemetery which appears to have a Teepee there. I wasn't sure what it was so took a photo  4) The wall says "Valor, Courage and Sacrifice".




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