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February 7th, 2009

Virginia War Museum  Newport News, VA

 Although we lived here several years, we'd never been to the Virginia  War Museum, even though it's near the house.  We didn't even know it was there for the first 12 years we lived here!  We only found out about it the past two months.  Anyway, we heard on the news that 7 of the Tuskegee Airmen would be there and we were excited to go.  We'd met one before and to think these American icons will be history at some point makes meeting them all that much more urgent.  Only three were there (not 7) and an officer from Langley and a woman whose sole purpose seemed to be talking about her son and how important he had become.  I don't know what her purpose was there other than to brag; but people were bored to tears.  The Airmen however answered a LOT of questions.  It never seemed to end and the people were enthralled and the kids were asking stuff which was cool.  The three there though were NOT pilots.  They were ground crew. The museum itself was much larger and better than I thought it'd be.  The museum is open Monday through Saturday 9-5 (admissions stop at 4:30 but they'll stay open till 5) and Sunday 1-5.  It costs 6.00 per adult, 5.00 for seniors and active duty, 4.00 for kids 7-18 and Free under age 7.  AAA members get 1.00 off.  It's worth the admission price if you are interested in VA history or military history in general. Below find photos of some of the stuff you might see.


From left to right: Tuskegee Airmen display, a couple of the Tuskegee Airmen (Tidewater Chapter), Torpedo, small tank, tanks



From left to right: Tank, Another Tank, Various early weapons and uniform, More tanks and display of plane gunner



From left to right: Pearl Harbor/Japan memorabilia, more artillery, artillery piece, park/artillery piece, and another artillery piece.


From left to right: Various weaponry, German Uniforms, Nazi Memorabilia, Gas Mask/Chemical Warfare display, German Helmet display


From left to right: Front of Building (left side that displays name), Front center of building, Red Cross/Women in Nursing display, Covered truck used to transport troops and supplies, and Colin Powell display



From left to right: Carrier Pigeon display, mess kit and soldier's supplies, section of the Berlin Wall, Tank and Tuskegee Airmen/News people



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