Virginia Sports Hall of Fame museum 

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Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Pamphlet and sticker which served as a ticket



Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Museum  Portsmouth, Virginia


We went to the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame with Jason, Cindy and my granddaughter for a nice day out. Forgot when this was. I think Summer 2010 though I seem to have worked on the photos January 2011. LOL Something to do when we discovered the Children's Museum was closed for renovations, we noticed this right near it so decided to go. Most of the players there were high school and college and not much was too interesting to me. We took photos mainly of the baby playing. Inside there are mostly Jersey/trophy and photos in cases (only need so many photos of that). They did have an interactive area where you could throw a football, throw a baseball or shoot a basket. In addition, they did have a couple video games to try and a race car ... one more exhibit shows how the human skeleton works and there was a place to try a bicycle and something else... pretty much, other than the gift shop, that was it. Here's a few photos for you to get the idea of what it was :



From Left to right: 1) a scoreboard 2) Collages hall 3) My granddaughter and son at the microphone (that was an interactive thing they had and was the second best thing there and 4) Cyndi and Jason looking at some cases.


From Left to right: 1) Plaque for the statue at right 2) statue of Colonel William Crawford (founder of Portsmouth)


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