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April 25th, 2009

Children's Museum  Portsmouth, VA


We took our grandbaby to Portsmouth Children's Museum Saturday April 25th, 2009.  Alas, when I went to the front of the building to take that first photo, I realized I forgot the camera battery!  So no photos...   However, the price to get in for general admission adult is 6.00.  If you have AAA or are military, you can get a 1.00 discount per ticket. Children under two are free; others pay the 6.00.  There are no food places or drinks in the museum.  There is a gift shop and restrooms.  I think there was a water fountain.  The museum consists of two floors with wide open spaces.... there are a lot of things to do.  The kids can learn about sound and air and other things.  They have a bus to go into, a motorcycle to sit on, train sets work and are set up on huge displays, some old toys are on display.  There are place to pretend to be an archeologist (paintbrushes to brush the sand), a place to blow GIANT bubbles and where you can stand in and make a giant bubble around you.  There are places with chalk or crayon to trace, or blocks/Legos to build.  There are mirrors and a place to bang a drum or pluck large guitar strings.  Or nooks to read a book.  There is also a dentist office, a food checkout and a mailbox to mail a letter or send mail through a pneumatic tube.  My grandbaby is not even two, but there was even a place with padded building blocks, balls, little cars on a mat, a slide, and some other things she could do in the tot area.  Sorry no photos, but all in all, a nice time for kids I think from 18 months to 12.

     There is also a Planetarium which is FREE with admission (we didn't do because she wouldn't sit still I don't think).  Parking is available on street by meter or in a parking garage across the street, which happens to be FREE on weekends only. 

     Across the street from the Children's museum is the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Museum and down the street is Roger Brown's Restaurant to eat.  It makes a nice day to do all three.



I forgot to put my camera battery in ;(



Roger Browns Restaurant

Virginia Sports Hall of Fame



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