Luray Car and Carraige Museum

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No Ticket or Pamphlet (they took our ticket/stub for the museum so I couldn't scan it.


October 21st, 2008

Luray Car and Caverns Museum, Luray, VA


      We decided it was time to travel to Shenandoah for a mid-week vacation.  We figured fall in mid-week was the best way to see the fall colors as well as beat the crowds. So our trip was Tuesday through Thursday.

      We didn't realize that with paid admission to the Caverns, the Car and Carraige museum was FREE.  I liked that!  So save your stub, as you'll need it to get in (you put it in the box there).  The car and Carraige museum was right next to the caverns (same parking lot-attached to the antique store, restaurant, gift shop and caverns...).  Parking is free.  Don't bring food or dinks in there and don't touch anything!  The had a couple carriages, a wagon, a Stanley Steamer, a baby buggy, goat cart, bicycle, and quite a few cars from the earliest ones of 1900 to late 30's mostly.  Not sure if I saw anything from 50's-today... these were REALLY old restored cars.  My personal favorites were the Conestoga Wagon as it was a typical example of the old west, the 1727 Coup de Gala Carraige which really looked cool like from a movie set... and there was a car there (Rolls I think) that was pretty fancy for its time.

     If you're a car enthusiast, you'll love it and little boys go bonkers for it.


1) 1892 Benz 2) 1810 Conestoga Wagon and goat cart 3) 1903 Speedwell 4) 1906 Cadillac and a Buick 5) 1910 Buick


1) 1910 Ford Model T  2) 1911 Hupmobile 3) 1925 Rolls Royce 4) 1927 Mercedes Benz 5) 1930 Cord


1) 1931 Ford Model A 2) 1727-1729 Coup de Gala Carraige 3) 1840-1850 Coach and 1890 Buggy


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