General Douglas MacArthur Museum/Memorial 

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March 8th, 2009

General Douglas MacArthur Museum/Memorial  Norfolk, VA


We went to this on the fly... we were bored one day and decided to go look for mermaids and go out to eat in Norfolk.  But while taking a snapshot of a mermaid, we discovered the General MacArthur Memorial right there... across from the MacArthur mall.  We discovered the General and his wife are buried there.  As soon as you walk up the the small but impressive building you see a statue of him... and up the stairs into the FREE museum and the first thing you see it their burial stones.  Apparently they are buried there.  I did not discover "why" though.  His connection here seemed minimal...

Anyway, it was more impressive a place than I had thought it'd be from the flyers/ads I'd seen before.   There was a lot of memorabilia including replicas and real artifacts of official war documents, personal items (including that pipe you associate with him) and war/military memorabilia as well as a life sized diorama etc. There are other buildings associated with the museum we did not go into that now I wish I did.  One was a gift shop which was closed at the time I believe.  It supposedly had his vehicle in there (military official one he used during WWII).  There also is a theatre and another center (not sure if you can go into the center or not as it's offices and a research facility).  Pretty large "small" complex for one man I thought. If  you are a fan of this sort of thing, because it's free and very well kept, it's worth seeing. Donations are accepted.  No food that I saw there but there were restrooms/water fountain on the basement floor, which we did not go down and check out.  I can't remember if there was an elevator for the handicapped. I was not aware of.  Remember, the gift shop is in another building outside.  Also, there are steps.  I am not sure if there was an elevator. Below are some photos of things you will see there:


From left to right: 1) Long view of MacArthur Statue 2) Closer view of the same statue 3) Street view 4) View of the main memorial building 5) Personal artifacts of MacArthur including Pipe, glasses and hat


From left to right: 1) Scott with the medals worn by General MacArthur 2) The tombstones of the General and his wife 3) MacArthur's burial flag and other memorabilia




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