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May 7th, 2006

Patriotic Festival Virginia Beach, VA


He was super funny; I was in tears on a couple jokes; he seemed to just fly off the cuff; like not much if anything was "prepared"; you gotta be good to do that.  This was a ticket-less event; free for the military and VA Beach citizens.  We didn't try for an autograph because the new setup didn't allow us to get even 20 feet near backstage. Also, it started to lightening and thunder and he left FAST.  We ended up leaving and not staying for the Four Tops (seen them before) and the Temptations (I really wanted to see them too). Photos are: 92.9 "The Wave" Cindy Crawford and Mike Allen, three photos of Sinbad and the DJ's again. Bottom row is the hotel that gets a front row view, and a wide shot of the 5th street stage. I wrote and am hoping I get an autograph.




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