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October 2nd, 2010

Car Show/John Schneider Autograph signing Virginia Beach, VA


     The Wild Wheels weekend is sort of new to me. I knew they had them but never realize they had "guests". This time, I saw that  John Schneider from "Smallville" and "Dukes of Hazzard" etc was there and seeing as how I had two signatures already on my cars, I had to go! Now I need Catherine Bach and Tom Wopat and Sonny Shroyer and the car is complete. It has James Best and Bob Jones already on it.  The cars were neat too. You'll notice that the cars below mostly are Mustangs and Camaros... because those are my favorites, along with the Corvette.  So below are the best cars that I liked, mostly mid 60's to early 70's. I am more into the 1967-69 time frame. Those cars rocked! Favorite colors would be blue, red and black.  However, I was indeed attracted to that purple M&M's car! the Trix car was cool with it's wheels and UPC code! We got to see one of the General Lee cars. We would go back if the right guests shows. This time was John Schneider and Erika Eleniak (Baywatch/Playboy Playmate). I did not get Erika's sig. She wanted too much. She was actually charging $5 more than John Schneider! I am not familiar with her anyway, so I did a pass, opting instead to get two cars and my photo signed. Nothing much else to do there except look at the cars. Some were being auctioned off but we didn't do that... ;)


 Left to right: 1) The Speed Racer looking Corvette 2) The Trix Car wheels 3) The Trix car 4) Red Mustang Convertible


 Left to right: 1) An Oldie "Victoria's Secret" ... it's Pink! 2) The lavender M&M's car 3) Metallic Blue Mustang Convertible 4) A Yellow Camaro


 Left to right: 1) Metallic Blue GT Mustang convertible 2) Gold Mustang Convertible 3) An other blue Mustang Convertible 4) 1964 Red Mustang Convertible


 Left to right: 1) The General Lee 2) John Schneider signing one of my cars 3) John Schneider with a fan 4) Erika Eleniak 2) Erika Eleniak signing photos for a fan (Baywatch etc)


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