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October 16th, 2010

 Betty White Williamsburg, VA


We went to Williamsburg on lovely day in October because Betty White was going to be there to sign ornaments from the

"Joy to the World Collection" for her charity "The Morris Foundation." Every few years Ms White makes an appearance at a store to sign ornaments and all the proceeds go to that charity. It's rare that she does this, and so it was a huge deal. She's also pretty old now, 88 I

 believe. But I found her to be spunky, alert and super nice.  She does love the animals (as do I and I am happy to have had a chance

not only to get an autograph, but to support a worthy cause.  Binn's is a store which sells upscale clothing mainly (some other items like purses, shoes and accessories and a few gifts as well) but they have unique mostly one of a kind items here. You won't find stuff like this on store racks. It's pricy though; I'd recommend shopping here for special occasions. I heard Michelle Obama wants to go here ..This tells

you what sort of item you can expect (when I looked, it was a little over the top for me...too much glittery items and Channel style suits

 and such. Other shops in the area are neat...fresh cheeses, wines, toys can be found of good quality. A few gift shops which are slightly better than your 'tacky' souvenir shops. For example, you can actually get blue and white pottery that's not made in China...

Whyte Candy and Gourmet shop, The Christmas Shop, The College Shop and other truly wonderful places await. These are the 'commercial sites" the other shops are where you'll see IN Colonial Williamsburg (street goes from the part you pay to get into to outside where you can walk without paying...these are the commercial shops). You will see the tailor, cobbler, apothecary, basket maker, pottery maker etc on the Duke of Gloucester street etc inside the area where you pay. Some of these places have a small room to purchase items there too.

 Anyway, this was a nice day and a nice afternoon out and we got to see a lovely lady with a heart of gold.  Enjoy the photos:



Left to right: 1) While walking from the car to the place, we saw this carraige. Little did we know it was for Ms. White 2) The line at Binn's. However, we were in the WRONG line. By the time I figured that out, we were VERY lucky to get two of the last three tickets! We literally scraped by getting those tickets to get Ms. White to sign our ornaments. 3) They literally rolled out the red carpet 4) Stores near Binn's.


Left to right: 1) Binn's store 2) The huge crowds and the carraige just coming down Duke of Gloucester Street 3) The carraige coming

closer. 4) The carraige closer still


Left to right: 1) Betty waves at us and is genuinely happy and surprised at all the people 2) The carraige stops and she starts to descend. 3) She's on the ground talking to reporters and her entourage 4) She starts walking the red carpet into Binn's for the signing



   Left to right: 1) After she's in, the carraige leaves 2) Inside Binn's, a line of about 600 people who were lucky enough to get tickets

 3) a signed ornament (all she would sign) and 4) an other signed ornament.



Wythe Candy and Gourmet Shop

The Cheese Shop

The Toymaker of Williamsburg Shop

Morris Animal Foundation


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