Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys

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September 27th, 2004

 Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys  Fex-Ex Field, Norfolk, VA


on this day, the Redskins played the Dallas Cowboys.  Cowboys won 21-18.  Tim McGraw was the halftime entertainment.  Also the band and cheerleaders.  We won the tickets and the ride up via 106.9 the Fox's radio contest.  It was a football pool type of thing and Scott got all but one team right.  We left Hampton at about 2:30 pm and did not get home till 4:30 am the next morning!  It was my first pro football game and a neat experience but one long day!  I think if you have to travel any distance, here are some things you should bring with you:  Cash of course, a blanket for the ride and to put on in case it gets cold, a disposable rain poncho (we used ours), camera, binoculars, something to read on the ride up, snacks and drinks if a long trip, aspirin for the headache you WILL get, your spirit stuff and wear comfortable clothes.  There is a first aid station which gave me aspirin which I forgot to bring.  Here's another tip; eat BEFORE you go!  Food is priced insanely.  5 dollars for a hot dog!  And do NOT eat  the chicken (it's absolutely disgusting; I paid 9 dollars and I almost got sick and tried to eat a second piece and just couldn't).  If you get boxes or low seats, consider yourself lucky and good for you; prices for tickets are NUTS.  Though my ticket stub says 69.00 face value, it actually was valued at about 220-260 dollars!  And we were in the upper level...also known as the nosebleed level....I looked into purchasing lower level and sideline tickets.  You could NOT get sidelines ones whatsoever and the lower level tickets were in the upper hundreds of dollars per tickets and add a zero for the skyboxes.  Insanity! PS Good luck finding a vendor in the upper level! 


Top left to right: At the line of scrimmage, Cheerleaders, Cowboys, Fed-Ex Field, a Giant helmet!  Second row left to right: Jumbotron, playing the game, news and guests on the sidelines, Tim McGraw and his band, and Tim on the Jumbotron.  Bottom photo: Mascot of the Redskins

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