Washington nationals vs. Chicago Cubs

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July 19th, 2009

 Washington Nationals vs. Chicago Cubs  Nationals Park, Washington DC


On this day, we attended the game courtesy of my hubby's office.  That was so nice.  Every year they have something for the people so instead of a picnic or something like that, this is the one thing they do other than the Christmas Party.  This was cooler though as last year's was a minor league team, so pretty awesome!  It was the Washington Nationals vs.  The Chicago Cubs.  Scott failed to wrangle Red Sox tickets ;( Nationals:3 Cubs: 11.  Kind of a big win for hubby but the fans in DC not so happy.  Scott managed to get two baseball sigs. One from


Left to right: 1) Scoreboard 2) Nationals Picher signing autographs 3) View of just inside the outer part before you enter the stadium itself 4) Hey batter, batter!


Left to right: 1) the Cubs at bat 2) Getting ready to take the field 3) Scott getting ready for the game. Nice statue on the right


Left to right: We got two sigs there: Sean Marshall Cubs Picher and Washington National Joe Beimel (now is playing for the Rockies)





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