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June 27th, 2006

Summerfest, Naval Station Norfolk, VA


 This was an annual event that takes place at the Naval Station in Norfolk, VA.  It's not widely advertised and basically is an event sponsored by MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) where they have booths showing what to do in the area (and local sponsors put up a small booth), free hot dogs/drinks, and you can register for stuff and see what MWR does. It usually lasts only 4 hours for one day, around midday.  The biggest part of this is the autograph signings.  They usually arrange for 5-10 celebrities (mostly sports) to come and sign for the troops, who usually spend their lunch hour here.  I stumbled upon this while picking up a paper at the base in 2006 and went to that one and then again in 2007.  Autographs were free and it was nice the players gifted the troops that way.  It really did excite some people.  It's just little things like this that make life on a base of any type bearable.  If not for stuff like that, the troops wouldn't be as happy and so thanks to those who do come.  Below are autographs and photos from the years we attended and we'll keep adding to it as time goes on (if they hold anymore).  To attend this event, you have to have a sticker on your car to get in the base and a military ID card, which means it's not open to the public.  However, dependents, retired military and people working in a civilian capacity on base can attend and I imagine if you have relatives visiting who have a temporary pass, they may be able to visit as well.  It usually takes place outdoors and there were a couple outdoor privies... I also saw one food/drink booth (free stuff there) but no water fountains.  It's outdoors so wear appropriate clothing.  Military attire is not a must but very nice that the celebs get to see some of military in uniform.  It's free, parking is free, and everything is free except there sometimes (wasn't in 2007) a military exchange booth where you could in the past purchase items to get signed (wonderful thing about this is the items are sold to you at their cost so inexpensive).  You might want to bring a camera and some sunscreen, but otherwise, all is good!   



Left to Right: Kevin Greene (Football - Pittsburgh Steelers), Artis Gilmore (Basketball - San Antonio Spurs), Roger Brown (Football - Detroit Lions), Darryl Dawkins (Basketball - New Jersey Nets), Fergie Jenkins (Baseball - Chicago Cubs), Mark Rypien (Football - Washington Redskins), Rob Bartlett (Comedian)


Left to Right: Debbie Dunning (Tool Time Girl "Home Improvement"), Debbie Dunning autograph, Bob Bartlett autograph, Paul Blair (Baseball - Baltimore Orioles), Paul Blair Autographed mini bat, Multi-signed sheet by all the above 8 celebs and Fergie Jenkins signed baseball.



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June 12th, 2007

Summerfest, Naval Station Norfolk, VA


Left to right: LC Greenwood (Football - Pittsburgh Steelers), Lee Smith (Baseball - St. Louis Cardinals), Luis Tiant (Baseball - Boston Red Sox), Roger Brown (Football - Detroit Lions), Keith Byars (Football - Philadelphia Eagles) and Everson Walls (Football - Dallas Cowboys), Mark May (Football - Washington Redskins)



Left to right: Mark May signed photo and multi-signed photo by all 7 players mentioned above.



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June 24th, 2008

Summerfest, Naval Station Norfolk, VA


The event this year included: Mark May, Lee Smith, Luis Tiant, Darryl Dawkins, Shaun King and Ickey Woods.  George Bell, USA's tallest man (is a Norfolk Sheriff) was there as part of security I guess so I snapped a photo (didn't ask for his graph though).  Roaming the grounds were McGruff the Crime Dog and the Crash Test Dummies.  The event is sponsored by MWR on the Navy Base.  An annual free event for people on base to attend at lunchtime.  It's never crowded; only a couple hundred, but it's something that is growing as it's become a staple we look forward too annually. This year, no free girl scout cookies, but they were giving out free basketballs, free hot dogs and chips, free soda and free hand lotion.  We enjoyed it.


Left to right: McGruff the crime dog, Darryl Dawkins, a policeman getting an autograph, Rober Brown 2) Mark May 3) Darryl Dawkins and USA's tallest man, Norfolk Sheriff George Bell (7'8") 4) Luis Tiant 5) Lee Smith


Left to Right: 1) Shaun King, Ickey Woods, Lee Smith, Luis Tian,  and Mark May 2) Panoramic view of the whole event 3) Shaun King, Darryl Dawkins, Rober Brown, Ickey Woods and Lee Smith 4) Summerfest free autographed item 5) Lee Smith Rookie card signed and 5) Luis Tiant signed early baseball card




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