Washington Redskins BEACH BLITZ

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Pamphlet and Pass


May 19th, 2007

 Washington Redskins Beach Blitz, Virginia Beach, VA


We attended the Washington Redskins Beach Blitz Saturday May 19th, 2007.  It was our first time there at the new Virginia Beach Convention Center and the center is nice, but the show itself wasn't done very well. 1st, if you have a ticket, why do you exchange that for a pass?  Stamping the hand too?  The stamp should be sufficient.  Or your ticket stub.  Seemed like a waste of money, but on the bright side, some got their passes signed. Then, the people who volunteered or were employed as security etc did not know anything.  For example, there were three stations set up for autographs and all they knew was the times (11:15, 1:15, 3:15 and 5:15). They didn't know which players would be at each place and even then, there was some schedule that was posted on the internet for a BRIEF time people were going by and this wasn't really followed.  Players were no show or replacements... and NOT ONE player showed for the 5:15 signing at any station.  They did not (organizers) even try to figure out where these players were till 20 minutes late... then they kept the crowds waiting for another 40 minutes or longer.  to appease the crowds, they gave out free passes for Sunday, but to be honest, half the people had passes already and then half of the ones who didn't could not return for one reason or another.  All those people lost out.  In addition, they only had two players per station and the wait in between were 2 hours; you really had to wait in line the whole 2 hours or you'd not be able to get the next two players because the signing is only 30 minutes and if you left the line, you'd be quickly waiting for the NEXT signing, FOUR hours later.  You had no time to run to other stations because those lines were already full.  In addition, all this time in lines, meant you have NO ability to do any of the activities.  How to solve these problems?  Provide each security and volunteer with a schedule and put at each station a white board with signing times and player names.  And make it at least FOUR players per station, so you get at least 12 signatures per day for your 8 hours plus of wait time instead of 6.  The cost for this is easily made up by not giving out passes.  Of course I am not a professional, but the fixes seem very easy to me. 

    We did not have fun except it was very nice to meet the players very briefly and they were all stellar; not condescending or rude etc.  All were polite, joking, smiling and seemed happy to meet the fans.  I appreciated that.  We got to meet two cheerleaders, one coach and 5 players.  They were:  Ade Jimoh, Gary Clark, Greg Blache, Taylor Whitley, Sam Hollenbach and  Randy Thomas.  I don't know who the two cheerleaders were (only first names were signed and listed on the photo given out).

     Cost for the even was 15.00 per pass.  Autographs were free.  They sold only some foods (pretzels, hot dogs, fries, cotton candy, pizza slices and drinks-mostly lemonade and cokes).  Bathrooms were clean and there were water fountains.  Everything was handicap accessible.  Vendor from the Redskins store were there and the only other vendors were solicitors (cell phones and sign up for cruises etc).  Prices at the Redskins store expensive; but comparable to the online store.  Wear good shoes and bring a chair for those long line.   Parking is free.  If you bring your own items to sign, you only need to bring food money.  Prices are moderate.


Left  to Right: 1) Ade Jimoh (Cornerback) 2) Gary Clark (Former Player) 3) Greg Blache (Defensive Line Coach) 4) Randy Thomas (Guard) 5) Sam Hollenbach (Quarterback) 6) Taylor Whitley (Defensive Line)


Left to Right: 1) Redskins Cheerleaders 2) Entrance 3) Cheerleader Stage 4) Kick Challenge area 5) Clinic/Fans 6) Passing Challenge (and a line for autographs)


Left to Right: 1) Line 2) inside the Convention Center looking out 3) Toyota display with race car which may belong to Jeremy Mayfield


Left to Right: 1) Inside the convention center (water feature/Dolphin statue etc)



Washington Redskins BEACH BLITZ

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2008 Pamphlet; we had a bracelet, but threw it away (shredded as cheap arm band)


May 17th, 2008

 Washington Redskins Beach Blitz, Virginia Beach, VA


We attended the Redskins Beach Blitz on May 17th, 2008 but it actually lasted the next day as well.  The Blitz consists of several events. They have a tailgate party/BBQ, they head onto the Beach to play as well.  These events we have not attended though we should just for the heck of it.  We usually just go to the convention center for the signings and the kids stuff.  Inside the convention center, they set up 4 stages for autographs and stagger graphs though the day though it's nearly impossible to get everyone.  They had this year a rock climbing wall, Kyle Bush's race car on display, some "clinics", some small areas to buy merchandise, a couple areas to buy food (mostly pretzels, hot dogs, soda), and a couple areas to take photos (you get in a suit and your head sticks out), and a couple areas to throw a football etc.  We haven't done any of these, but the kids love them.  They do have a Q&A at the clinics.  The admission this year was 15.00 a person.  Last year, the other events (Tailgate party/BBQ and blitz were free, but this year they charged for the BBQ an additional 15.00 I believe it was).  People did complain all the BBQ tickets were sold out before the event began, so it's recommended you buy your tickets online and early as possible if you want to be assured of a spot.  Inside, the food was pretty expensive for what it was (Dip N' Dots 5.00, bottled soda/water 3.00 etc) and the merchandise average to expensive.  We bought a hat for 7.00 and other than the calendar or visor or pennant, that was pretty much the cheapest thing.  Footballs were 42.00 up and a little baby outfit was 42.00.  T-shirts were average to expensive from 15-30 dollars and Jerseys were about what you'd pay retail.  There was no poster this year that I could determine.  Recommendations:  Bring comfortable shoes above all else and if you can bring a small pack with a snack and drink inside, that'd be good for you.  We brought in pizza in foil and ate it.  You probably weren't supposed to but I knew all they had was hot dogs, so ... In addition, water would be good, aspirin (it gets VERY loud in there) and a towel, cushion might be a nice thing to bring as if you are in the lines, you will want to sit on the floor after a while as you could be standing literally from 8 am till 4 pm.  There are very little chairs, and those are reserved for people eating.  There are restrooms but good luck finding an attendant; there were NO paper towels in the restrooms.  However, the restrooms are pretty much the cleanest I've ever seen and very nice as everything is automatic (no having to touch a door, soap dispenser, towel dispenser or flushing...

90% of the players were phenomenal; happy and chatty with fans.


Left to right: 1) Tommy Davis 2) Sean Suisham, Marcus Mason 3) Alex Buzbee 4) Chris Samuels 5) Danny Smith, Ethan Albright 6) Dexter Manley


Left to right: 1) Fred Smoot 2) Greg Blache 3) John Eubanks, Lorenzo Alexander, Mike Sellers 4) Lorenzo Alexander, Mike Sellers 5) Chris Wilson, Burl Toler, Greg Blache


Left to right: 1) Chris Meidt 2) Sam Hollenbach 3) Randy Thomas 4) Chris Wilson


Left to right: 1) Three Cheerleaders (don't know which ones 2) Kyle Busch's car 3) Crowd 4) Autograph area crowd 5) a neat looking trailer 6) Three more cheerleaders.


Left to right: 1) Signed hat-14 or 15 sigs on it, 2- 4) Same ball but three sides with sigs 5) Cheerleaders Photo with 6 sigs on it (Melanie, Talmesha, Shauna, Michelle, Christi and Buffy) 



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