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January 18th, 2003

 Norfolk Admirals Norfolk Scope, Norfolk, VA


On the day we attended, the Admirals played Philadelphia Phantoms. I didn't save our tickets for some odd reason... Phantoms scored in the first period...nobody scored in the second period and with three minutes to go, the Admirals scored with 3 minutes left to play.  Alas, with 5 seconds on the clock, the Phantoms scored to win the game 2-1.  Very sad indeed!  Highlights included MacNeil from the Phantoms getting hit in the face with a puck but returning to the game, one fight that the refs just stood watching, and #33 leading the team with multiple penalties.  One thing I never understood, this being my first game there, was the signs people had saying "Bite Me .....Vandermeer".  I think they were referring to #18, P. Vandermeer.  Something must've happened last game or something.  His stats for the year weren't spectacular or bad except he led the team in penalty points.  I still wonder what was up though.  There was a half time opportunity for one ticket holder to make an impossible shot and win a Harley Davidson (he didn't of course; I don't think the pros could) and some cub scouts getting a chance to win a puck... and some T-shirt flinging.  Someone one a trip to the Bahamas I think.  It was hard to hear the announcer. We were unable to obtain signatures as Scott thought his tickets were right behind the bench.  They would have been, but the problem was that we were on the exact OPPOSITE end!  Oh well.  Mascots are Salty and Hat Trick. Prices for ticket are from $11 up... depending on seat choice.  Food expensive.  $6 for a cup of beer.  $3.75 for a small bottle of diet soda and $5 for a bag of cotton candy or funnel cake.  Parking $4 inside the scope. Other parking available outside.  MacArthur Center is $2 and a short walk.  Bring gloves and something to keep your nose warm!  They check your bags/purse but it seems you are allowed photos (don't flash when they are in play though).   



Left to Right: Three photos of the Admirals playing, fourth photo is the Norfolk Scope and the last photo is of one of the Mascots, Salty.


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