Elliott Sadler  

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No Ticket of Pamphlet


May 4th, 2006

 Elliott Sadler Bass Pro Shops, Hampton, VA


I went to the Elliott Sadler signing and waited in line many hours. We did have wristbands for the event, but I didn't save mine. I was in line something like 5-6 hours!  I could've come like 4 hours early and gotten a sig; but anything after that was chancing it as the line wrapped pretty far about 2 hours before he signed.  Originally we were told TWO items; but it was one, even though I was only like 40 back.  The fun part of these things is talking to the fans in line; so it passes the time unless you have un-talkative people near you.  He wasn't that talkative or smiling unless you were one of the first 10 people.  Mixed reports. 



Left to right: Crowd, Elliot and Elliott posing with someone

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