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October 7th, 2005

 Bill Buckner/Bob Steamer Stanley Tidewater Sports, Norfolk, VA


We went to an arranged signing at Tidewater sports, a sports memorabilia store located in MacArthur Center (mall).  We did NOT get Bob Stanley's autograph.  When paying high prices (though he was actually reasonable I must say), we had to pick and choose. I don't like the fact they get paid to sign autographs... so this was an exception.  I kind of felt sad for Bob when we didn't get a sig; it was slightly embarrassing. But since Bill was both on the Cubs (Scott's Team) and on the Red Sox (my team).  It was just one we had to get (minus that World Series ball between the legs thing).  I'd of almost have forgiven him but on this day he was not very happy to be there...


Left to right: Bob Stanley/Bill Buckner and Scott, Signed ball, Bob Stanley and Bill Buckner again.

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