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October 13th, 2002

 Apolo Anton Ohno/Amanda Bynes Coliseum, Hampton, VA


 This was an event called the "Farm Fresh Extravaganza".  What is was, was grocers/representatives for grocery and other related products to show their new foods or whatever. They would set up small booths where you can pick up a duck in water, spin a wheel or pop a balloon etc and win maybe a pie, some bread or maybe a toy premium or something. You'd take a chance like 25 cents or a dollar to try and all proceeds from ticket sales are donated to the Children's Hospital.  It was very cheesy; most people went there to get free food items (samples) but the main draw was usually a celebrity or two.  Sometimes they'd have soap stars and a couple times local sports heroes who made it big.  The day we went, we got signatures from Apolo Anton Ohno and Amanda Bynes (she is very huge now and has a hit show/couple hit movies).  Apolo is the Olympic medal winning speed skater.  Scott won a box of Kleenex and bought a pound cake (a HUGE one) for a dollar.  Other than that, there wasn't much to see or do (they had face painting, clowns, puppet show and some kids dancing and a barber shop quartet). Other guests this year were Spongebob Sqarepants voice artists, Bo Jackson and Ty Treadway (Dr. Colin McIver on "One Life To Live").  To see my other Apolo Anton Ohno Signature and my Amanda Bynes signature (no longer have it), click HERE



Left to right: Autograph/photo Sue and Apolo Anton Ohno

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