Williamsburg Film Festival

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March 6th, 2006 & 2008

 Williamsburg Film Festival Williamsburg, VA


Williamsburg Film Festival is an annual event that takes place at the Holiday Inn in Williamsburg, VA.  We attended in 2006 and in 2008.  The event costs about 20.00 entry fee (both times it was the same price) but the programs went up in price from 6.00 to 7.00.  Celebrities attend and for your entry and program, if you buy the program, you get all the signatures free in the program only.  You can buy autographs in there as well.  Through the past years, prices were cheaper at 5.00-10.00 an autograph. Most are now 20.00 but once in a while a celeb with be lower in price to accommodate more people.  As for me, unless they are well known today or from something I will collect, I can't afford more than 10.00 each so I usually get the free sigs. For your admission price, you also get to see some old Westerns, get free access to the "entertainment" in the Lounge (though you'll be buying food or drinks while in there), and you get to attend panels, where the celebs will talk and do a Q and A session.  Lastly, there's a room where the actors sign and some items are sold (mostly old western memorabilia, comics, VHS and DVD's and autographs.  Stay clear of the autographs from the dealers (especially the one against the back wall in my view as some of those did not look right)  There is also a banquet which costs extra.  You can book hotel rooms there too.  As for special needs, none. You won't be doing much walking or outside and there is a restroom.  There is no food except for the Banquet or the Lounge (which I am not sure if they have anything more than appetizers and drinks).  There are a number of restaurants in the immediate area as Williamsburg is known for it's Steak and Pancake/Waffle Houses.  Next door is an ATM as well as an Outback Steakhouse.  In 2006, we did not do anything other than get signatures and say hi to the celebs.  Signers included: James Best, Beverly Garland, William Smith, Don Young, Ben Cooper, Will Hutchins, Dick Jones, Jimmy Lydon, Jan Merlin, Mala Powers, Ruth Reinhart, Ted Reinhart, Peggy Stewart, Frankie Thomas  (Sadly both Frankie Thomas and Mala Powers away shortly after this event), and Johnny Western . The only one I did not get was "Lucky" Bill Parish.  In 2008, signers were: Lesley Aletter,  Roger Davis, Richard Devon , Richard Herd, Tom and Ted LeGarde, Gene Lesser, Lee Meriwether, Don Kay Reynolds, Jacqueline Scott, and Gregory Walcott,  Only one person didn't show and that was William Sanderson.  I didn't get the signatures of the band that was entertaining: The Virginia Rounders and the Blue River Bluegrass Band.  Click HERE to see autographs that I obtained there. Richard Devon is viewable HERE and Don K Reynolds is viewable HERE.


Above: from 2006: 1) Ben Cooper 2) Beverly Garland 3) A Pair of Cowboys 4) Jimmy Lydon 5) Johnny Western


Above from 2006: Left to right: 1) Cowboys 2) More Cowboys 3) Dick Jones 4) View of the main room 5) Frankie Thomas and Johnny Western


Above from 2006: Left to right: 1) Will Hutchins 2) James Best 3) Mala Powers and Charles Smith 4) Peggy Stewart 5) William Smith



Above left to right from 2008: 1) 2008 photo Richard Herd and Roger Davis on stage doing a talk about Hollywood and their careers 2) Gregory Walcott 3) Jacqueline Scott 4) Richard Herd 5) Ted and Tom LeGarde


Above Left to right from 2008: 1) Lee Meriwether and Lesley Aletter 2) Don K Reynolds 3) Roger Davis



Holiday Inn Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg

College of William and Mary

Historic Jamestown

Pottery Factory

Yankee Candle


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