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October 20th, 2007

 Ted Constant Center Norfolk, VA


This event is free and thus ticket-less. This is an annual even which takes place at Old Dominion University.  It features radio talk show hosts who give speeches, do Q & A's and there is sometimes meet and greets if the celeb is amiable and has time. To sponsor the event, booths are set up from local businesses etc.  Drawings and there was a small auction this time when we went, with things like dinner with a Congresswoman.  This year's message by Glenn Beck was profound.  Worry about the US and the state of the world because it's not looking good right now.  I do believe he's right.  To educate yourselves and your children and to watch REAL news and not celeb gossip.  Pay attention to things like Iraq and our problems with other nations... it's our future.  On this day, I was able to get Dr. Laura's sig for my collection (see pamphlet above).  This years guests were Dr Laura Schlessinger, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, George Noory and Clark Howard.


From left to right: Ted Constant Center Sign 2) Glenn Beck 3) Glenn Beck 4) George Noory 5) Dr. Laura Schlessinger and George Noory


Dr. Laura

Glenn Beck

George Noory

Sean Hannity

Clark Howard


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